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Public Safety Corporation is proud to announce we are now a Superion company

Medallion automates and simplifies the application, approval, and renewal process for permits, licenses and memberships.

Manage Unlimited Permit and License Types 

Arcades • Bicycles • Parades • Dance Halls •  Pool Halls • Carnivals • Taxi Drivers • Horse and Carriage Rides • Push Carts • Professional Fund Raisers • Peddlers • Community Noise Variance • Massage Therapists • Alarm Agents • Farmers Markets • Pawn Shops • Food Carts/Trucks • Tow Trucks • Special Permits • Organization Membership  

How Medallion Works

How Medallion® Works

Medallion automates and simplifies the application, approval, and renewal process for permits and licenses, and memberships.

3 Ways to Launch Cry Wolf at Your Agency

3 Ways To Launch 

                1. Outsource to Medallion
                2. Medallion On-Demand (SaaS)
                3. Install Medallion

Our Support Team

Exceptional Support Team

Our  staff is supported by the latest digital and electronics systems to help you to achieve your goals.

Since 1999, Public Safety Corporation solutions have been chosen by more than 300 agencies supporting approximately 500 cities, counties and other municipalities throughout the United States and Canada.

How Medallion® Works

Create Any permit type with Medallion


• Medallion software easily creates, tracks, and automates any type of permit, license, or membership.

• Automate processes tailored specifically to each license and permit type.

• Set automatic notifications and pop-up reminder alerts for expiration and renewal.

Track any Permit


• Capture and store electronic signatures, photos, and images.

• Automate process steps specifically tailored to your application.

• Track and assign approval activities.

• Set automatic notifications and pop-up reminders alerts for expiration and renewal requirements. 

Streamline Permit Process


• Interactive, 24/7 web-based access to apply, renew, and update information.

• Automatically generate notices, create invoices, and calculate fees in accordance with your use.

• Offer secure, online payment processing.

Streamline applications and compliance with online, self-service convenience

If it requires an application, Medallion can help you manage it!

3 Ways To Implement Medallion®

Outsource Medallion to Public Safety Corp

Outsource Medallion®

We manage Medallion, to your specifications, effectively managing permitting and maximizing revenue collections on a risk-free, revenue-shares basis.

All correspondence and invoices are generated and processed daily by PSC staff.

Utilize our permit program expertise for quick program startup, enforcement best practices, and customer service.

Your agency staff are only required for program oversight and appeal resolution.

Low upfront investment:
Supplies, software, and services are included in the revenue share cost. Service fee is based on a percentage of program revenue collected.

Medallion on Demand

Medallion® On-Demand

A Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) approach hosted by Public Safety Corporation designed to allow agencies to implement Medallion as a cloud-based program.

You chose the level of payment and collection processing service needed to maximize your permitting efforts.

Requires one or more PC workstations with internet access using current browser.

Minimal investment:
No need for internal IT infrastructure or hardware. Only requires internet access and a PC. Monthly subscription fee.

Install Medallion at Your Agency

Install Medallion®

Your personnel have direct control of permit processing, enforcement and program changes.

Medallion software generates invoices, summary bills & statements; calculates fees, and provides payment interfaces to support your personnel.

Requires a dedicated Database Server, Email & Web Server and connected workstations.

Some investment required:
Affordably priced software and installation with "Per Seat" licenses.All program revenue is retained by your agency.

All system development and customer support services are performed 100% by PSC personnel within the United States.


  • “Medallion streamlines our taxicab ID card interfaces with our walk-in, cashiering staff and allows online permit fees.” 

    Large Southern City
  • “Medallion has helped us offset staff shortages, providing an efficient way to track and process multiple licenses types.”

    Large Western City
  • “We use Medallion to manage more than 60 permit types. It’s very easy to use and an excellent tracking system.“ 

    Large Western City
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